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Saturday, March 19, 2005

Julien's List is a Collaborative Effort

I want to take a minute before spending a busy weekend with my goddaughter to recognize and thank the other two legs of the "trio" of bloggers who contribute to Julien's List. They are not just "guest contributors" - they are an integral part of this site, and truly exhibit the qualities I had in mind when I decided on the url of ""...

I "met" - at least cyber-ly - Holly in Cincinnati and Marty (AmericanOnLine) early in my initial visits to the Blogosphere...Marty is also busy with his own fab blog but finds time to regularly post here....

When I was finally able to launch Julien's List from a regular email group to a fullout blog, I didn't hesitate to invite them to join me.

They have been a remarkable and vital part of this blog, and I thank them! We will continue to provide an "eclectic" collections of posts, thoughts, outrages, and vital information in 2005 - join us with your comments, your tips to great "stuff" and your visits!

Read, think, ACT!