Marriage is love.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Here is someone who Reads, Thinks, and ACTS!

From my dear friend, Judy, in response to this post:

I just went on the Florida Baptist Convention website and posted this message:
"I am opposed to your stand on promoting the Marriage Amendment. Having been raised in the Baptist Church in North Carolina and the daughter of the Chairman of the Board of Deacons in that church, my Father (God rest his soul) would not have agreed with your stand either. My parents always taught me and my Brother that God loves everybody. They taught us not to discriminate. They taught us to be good, honest and caring people and the values they displayed at home and instilled in us everyday, have served us well in our adult lives. I am embarrassed that you, as a religion have chosen this "political" path. The church should "serve" and "support" the community with good acts and where in my Bible does it say to be "hate mongers."

Let's see if they reply.