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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Oy, Yiddishe volk: gut job, eh?!

You know, Holly and I have really gotten on some folks about that whole "Anti-Semitism" thing that seems to be creeping into the liberal lexicon thanks to some NeoCon SOBs and a few outspoken, right-wing Jewish nitwits.

That said, I have been quick to point out screaming "Anti-Semite! Anti-Semite!" is not usually the best response (admittedly, sometimes it is) in my own opinion, biased though I may be.

I have also been very quick to point out that about 80% of the Jewish vote went to What's-his-name-the-Democrat in the 2004 election, that more Jewish movements offer official same-sex unions than don't, that out of the movements that don't - there are indeed Rebel Rabbis who do, that the official Jewish/Israeli stance on things like "environment" and "women's rights" and "gay domestic partnership laws" and "gays in the military" and "freedom of speech," etc, etc, etc...borders more on "Downright Pinko" instead of just simply "Democrat."

A big part of that whole "do the right thing" on the Jewish side of the "human behavior" fence is "do the right thing - QUIETLY: nobody likes a bigmouth and certainly nobody likes showboating. It's downright tacky."

So, let me tell you, I am very, amazingly proud as a Jewish Gay Guy to say that I am observing that "showboating is tacky" tradition by not thanking an assortment of groups and people ranging from some affiliated with the Orthodox Union to United Synagogues to Reform Judaism for getting docs, meds and food on the ground in the Hurricane Zone.

I am not going to embarass anyone by publicly thanking the assorted Jewish agencies and social action committees for the incredibly rapid response making Bush, FEMA, and the current bunch of Red State "Save the Survivor!" nitwits look like whiny, petulant children sitting around and either bullshitting their parents or squeezing their buttocks - more worried about themselves than the professionals they purport to be.

I am not going to puff out with pride when I hear from people I know down there who are helping make things happen, right now, for those poor schmucks in NOLA who are, basically, screwed.

Why am I not?

Because show-boating is tacky.

Oh - what the hell: the cat is now out of the bag, anyhow . . . so without naming agencies, organizations, philanthropies, people, and affiliations - Mazel Tov to the bunch of you: keep up the good work (and show those blasted Red-State Republican types how a bunch of Democratic, Northern Yids can kick butt)!