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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Deja vu and quagmire, too!

It's been a busy week so I won't fault anyone for not noticing that yesterday Condi said we'd likely be in Iraq for at least another 10 years.

Nor will I fault anyone for not noticing that Shrub's been so busy that he's letting Rummy do his best Nixon imitations again -- this time trying to recreate Cambodia in Syria, about which Ambassador Dan Simpson (Ret.) has some pointed things to say.

Yes, folks, in all that "skirmishes near the border" mumbling from the MSM ... well, they forgot to mention that "near the border" includes "over the border". That's right, we've invaded Syria and killed troops on Syrian soil.

Of course, before we do stuff like that, Shrub's supposed to invoke the War Powers Act of 1973. I know I've been busy with the aftermath of various computer "support" personnel's less-than-tender trashing of my hard drive but that's a pretty big deal and I'd hope that, news junkie that I am, I'd notice that if it happened.

Then there's that pesky business of invading a sovereign nation that isn't in dutch at the U.N. -- requiring a Security Council hoot-'n'-spit. Haven't noticed that happening, either, although I imagine it came up in Condi's meeting with Kofi Annan.

I guess with all the pending indictments, issuance of arrest warrants, bad weather, and guys getting their Whoppers the hard way, the MSM has just been too busy to tell the average 'Murkin that s/he's in ANOTHER WAR!!!