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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Katrina: windy vehicle for more Republican corruption

Apparently, the Katrina fallout is not over - but don't look for the MSM (MainStream Media, for those unfamiliar with the term) to chime in and chide the offenders any time soon.

With the average MSM attention span, we can expect the Scooter-Cheney love fest to continue until Paris Hilton bares another breast to save Tax Cuts for Billionaires.

In any case, has this fantastic article about how, for Halliburton, business as usual really DOES look like Cheney is still guiding the ship - and how labor laws are just pesky inconveniences that, with the current "pro-business" administration, can simply be ignored.

After all, the last five years have shown American Values means the only people we put first are the ones we like - the ones in our OWN church, with our OWN speech pattern, with our OWN skin color, with our OWN orientation, right?

This Salon article requires watching a short marketing video to get a day pass: do it. Then read it. Then come here and comment.