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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ouch!! Slammed by Scientific American

Poor Kansans! They're being slammed for their school board's god-like act of redefining science and their goal of giving their students a God's-eye view of what really happened when the world was young.

Now, even Scientific American is making them look foolish.

Kansas, Where "Ignorant" is the New "Educated"
Kansas: People say that it's flat. But to me it seems to be going downhill.

Somewhere right now in Kansas, there is a little child who may grow up to be a brilliant scientist. She may make fantastic contributions to science, and future generations may remember her as one of the brightest intellectual lights of her time. But if so, it will be despite the public education that she received in Kansas, because today six dimwits on the state's Board of Education voted to lower the standards for how science is taught.

Needless to say, they don't think they are lowering the standards--to the contrary, they think they are raising them. That's how you can tell they are dimwits.

The real losers in this story are the children of Kansas. They have no say in what they will learn in school. If these ID rules stay in effect, Kansas schoolchildren will grow up with an even lower educational rank than they already have (when compared to students from other states and other nations).

What do you think? Do most people in Kansas agree with the school board's decision? Are there any readers who live in Kansas who can tell us what people in Kansas really think think about this issue?