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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bill Clinton on Coretta Scott King

I just watched key excerpts from the King funeral.

I watched George W. Bush mau-mau a lot of bullshit from a pulpit to a fairly chilly audience.

I then watched a pastor BLAST the daylights out of George W. Bush.

Then, I watch Bill Clinton and his wife, my Senator, Billary Clitten (sic), address the crowd. Bill made a statement about how the event was "not political."

Really Bill? Ready to sell the little people out again? Cuz we can prove you did this time.

If the funeral did not have political overtones, why was the pResident Chimperor Himself there?!

Can someone please explain the disconnect here?

For those not interested in addressing this whole level of Clintonian "Step Right and Play Fair With Republicans" horsecrap, here is a most brilliant examination of Coretta Scott King sans bias by the New York Times.

And even though I am neither a woman or Af-Am, as a gay guy and social minority, I am deeply sad to see King go: rest well, dear lady. We will miss you.