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Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Dark Wraith Comments on the Blogrrlls...

Mr. Dark Wraith of The Dark Wraith Forums wrote a powerful letter in response to my re-posting of the Blogrrlls post by Shakespeare's Sister.

I share it with you now (didn't want it to remain hidden in the comments only...). I say, to all gals thinking about joining the Blogosphere - your voices are valued!

Thank you, Mr. Dark Wraith!

Good morning, Ms. Julien.

Having noted how some of our Sister's posts have caused flames to lick from my monitor, I went on to note something important that might otherwise go unheralded.

Julien and Pam in Durham made their presence known—in fact, they insisted on making their voices heard—on AMERICAblog and in other ways at a time when the Clubby Blogs were consolidating their control of the high end of the Blogosphere.

I should also note that Holly in Cincinnati, with her intelligent posts, was occasionally interrupting the AMERICAblog commenters doing their graffiti blog nonsense, too.

In a material and important way, Julien, Holly, Pam, and the Sister have put a wedge in the door that would otherwise have closed to all bloggers not in the Important Blogs Club.

We should be grateful for that opening, which will someday serve to overrun the elite tier of progressive bloggers and let in the light of better voices come.

The Dark Wraith has spoken.