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Sunday, February 27, 2005

The Dark Wraith Comments...

...on previously-posted "Where the Left Faltered." I concur, Mr. Dark Wraith.

Good evening, Ms. Julien.

I would submit to the author of that article that my first and exclusive work in the present day is to secure democracy in this country.

For me to praise some façade of representative government elsewhere given thin legitimacy despite having been marshalled by men in the shadows is to be willfully immune to what I know of this Administration and its "aims."

I give no quarter to elections at the barrel of a gun of occupation, nor do I give fealty to sovereigns who rise while wearing the yoke of blood money. In neither case is there democracy in any sense of the word that rings true in my heart.

When my leaders can show me a torch burning in our own land, then shall I believe that they can truly light candles in lands far away. Until that day, their words are not merely hollow.

Their words are lies.

The Dark Wraith has spoken.