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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

DarkSyd's Warning and Call to Arms

"What the Neo-cons have done is to nurture a distorted version of Christianity, which I call Neo-Christianity. Neo-Christianity downplays care for the weak, sick, non violence, and even honesty or integrity. In fact, Neo-Christianity holds such behavior in conempt, and labels those who engage in it with all kinds of derogatory disgusting names. It's quite a break form the core values of Christ or even simple decency. Somehow, and I don't fully understand how, the Neo-cons have invented a variant of Christianity which condones, in fact encourages torture, hatred, violence, murder, genocide, deception, and ignorance. In conjunction with a very Rude Pundit .... I plan to be ripping to shreds some of the evangelical Blogs, and their nasty indecent owners and regs, which are leading the way in this newer extremist, violent, variation, of what was once a decent, gentle faith.

And I suggest those of you who want to stop this nonsense get active, and stop waiting for someone else to do it. Regardless if you're a young voter, a middle-aged voter, or a senior citizen, you had better cop to the fact that this shit is for real, and these religious Neo-Christian extremists will come after you, your social security, your benefits, your privileges, your very Constitutional Rights, all under the camoflauge of YVHW while calling you an unpatriotic atheist or Satanic scum, if their Neo-Cons masters so commend them to."

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