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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Go, Shakespeare's Sister - an Ultimate BLOGGRRLLL

Shakespeare's Sister has earned the Julien's List title of Top Rant-n-Rave with a Purpose today.

Her scathing, funny, and very to-the point style will keep you alternatively rolling out of your chair with laughter, or wanting to grab the nearest pie to throw at Chimpy's face (or the Pope's....or ....)

Check out today:

1. One of my favorite posts EVER - Is He Still Talking? Everything I have ever thought or tried to say about one of my least-favorite people on the planet - the Pope - is in her post.

2. A great rebuttle to one idiot's conjecturing about the "dearth" of female bloggers - aptly titled: Bloggrrls.

You GO, girl!