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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

If the Truth be Known

In the last election young voters cast votes in historical numbers and the numbers did not look good for Republicans. So, how did Bush-Rove plan to do something about it? By creating this young-old wedge issue over social security money. Through the use of lies, half-lies, and false representations, the young will be led to believe that Republicans want them to have a better retirement plan than the democrats, that the AARP lefties - also opposed to providing youth with a better future - are antimilitary and pro gay marriage, and therefore they should join the Republicans to assure their future. If Bush-Rove lose this round on SS, it gives them a huge election issue in 2006: help us beat the filibuster, vote for Senate Republicans, and we shall guarantee you a better retirement future. It's as plain as the writing in this article:

"As he stumps for Social Security privatization, President Bush always gets a big round of applause for promising that the money in a private account could be passed on to one's heirs.

If those happy clappers only knew the details.

Under the president's proposal, when you retired you would not be able to start spending the money in your private account until after you bought an annuity, a financial contract in which you hand over a lump-sum payment and, in return, get a monthly stream of income for life. The upside of buying such an annuity would be that you'd be protected against outliving all of your money. The downside is that even if you died immediately after retirement, the most your heirs would inherit would be the amount that remained in your private account after you had paid for the mandatory annuity. (If you lived longer, of course, you might well need to spend the remainder to supplement the annuity's low monthly payout.)"
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