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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Julien's List is Honored to Feature the Dark Wraith Forums' Weekly Poll

Hello Reality-Based Readers!

Mr. Dark Wraith, of The Dark Wraith Forums (also linked permantly on this site) made a very kind invitation to Julien's List at its launch: to be able to post the weekly poll found on his site.

Due to some coding restrictions on my originally chosen format, I have made the move to Blogger for their ability to allow these polls.

So, tonight we are getting them formatted. We are working on getting and keeping them updated.

There is a powerful new question each week, relevant to our times, and of course the more people who take the poll the greater sample we will have...

I also encourage you to visit The Dark Wraith Forums - as well as the (short but select) list of Bloggers linked on the right of this site.

Together they represent the "eclectic" yet cohesive train of beliefs that are vital for the continued growth and development of our society.

Read, think, ACT!