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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Top Right Wing News Source Slams on Gannon/Guckert...

Folks, I have been quiet on this blog for the most part about the Gannon scandal (if you don't know about it by now then we need to talk...:)

I have been getting my updates from the premier and one of the first sources of this scandal -, headed by John Aravosis.

Tonight I will reference a post from that fab blog - FINALLY - a conservative-leaning news source - The WorldNetDaily - has spoken quote John:

Jesus. One of the best, BEST, stories ever about GannonGuckertGate and what it means, and why it matters, comes from one of the most - MOST - conservative pro-Bush news sources on the Internet. This guy spells out exactly why this is a story. Exactly why this is so outrageous. And note, his column doesn't even criticize us, the liberal bloggers. It is pure and simple an article about how outrageous Gannon's and Talon's AND THE WHITE HOUSE'S actions were in this entire affair.

These guys are one of the top right-wing news sources. Now, for them to savage GannonGuckert and Talon News/GOPUSA is downright wild. It suggest to me that either WorldNetDaily actually has some scruples, and/or that they are scared shitless about the potential damage this scandal is causing and/or will cause the administration.