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Monday, March 07, 2005

Ah, Florida - a TRULY Backward-Thinking State (thanks, Jebbie)...

Juvenile Welfare Board Member: PFLAG Promotes Pedophilia
by Fidel Ortega Miami Bureau

(Tampa, Florida) Parents and Friends of Gays and the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network are threatening to sue a member of the Pinellas County Juvenile Welfare Board for alleging the two groups promote pedophilia.

In a written memorandum addressed and circulated to the entire JWB on February 7, 2005, board member Cecilia Burke stated that GLSEN and PFLAG “endorse unhealthy sexual practices among youth, including sex between underage youth and adults.”

Acting on behalf of PFLA and GLSEN, the National Center for Lesbian Rights has demanded a public retraction and apology from the Pinellas County Juvenile Welfare Board within ten days.

“This outrageously irresponsible memo is false, scandalous and defamatory, and it is damaging to our clients’ reputations,” said NCLR attorney Karen Doering.

"We cannot allow such slanderous and absurd characterizations to go unchallenged and we are prepared to pursue every legal avenue available to hold the Juvenile Welfare Board accountable," Doering said.

In its letter to the Juvenile Welfare Board, the NCLR called for the board to write a formal letter of apology, and that it be read into the record by Burke at the next JWB meeting.

“GLSEN staff, volunteers and student organizers from across the country are working hard to ensure schools are safe places for all students,” said GLSEN Founder and Executive Director Kevin Jennings. “We cannot and will not allow irresponsible comments to mischaracterize, demean and undercut all of their hard work.”

In addition, the letter requests that the JWB “reaffirm its commitment to promoting, promulgating and using age appropriate and medically accurate information, materials and training regarding health and juvenile welfare.”

If the Board does not comply within ten days Doering said the Center will take the board to court.

“We could not let these misinformed, hurtful and unjustified comments by a public official in a public document simply pass," said Ron Schlittler, Interim Executive Director of PFLAG.

"In fact, the viciousness of this attack required that we take this course of action to preserve the truth: first and foremost, PFLAG cares about children and their families.”

The Juvenile Welfare Board has not replied to the letter.

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Yep, our wonderful Pinellas County. What I want to know is where in the HELL do they come up with these comparisons? What documentation do they have? Why do people put up with this (I mean their sheep-like audience)...

Any thoughts?