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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Baseball Steroids

I am simply astounded as to the nature, manner and appearance of solidarity that the democrats and republicans conducting these hearings have displayed.

I am equally astounded by the unfairness by which they have managed to brush every baseball player with guilty use or guilty knowledge.

Amazing, Kafkaesque in every way.

The central basis by which this guilt by association has been inflicted, is by taking the confessions of Conseco, that steroid use was openly engaged in throughout locker rooms, and thereby concluding that numerous players were running around in the locker room sticking needles in their butt or their buddies butt in front of the other players to witness.

You have to be crazy to believe this.

These players are traded all the time. Today's buddy is tomorrow's opposite. Moreover, a player engaged in committing a felony will not flaunt his illegality in front of others.

A player taking advantage of steroids to succeed has too much ego at stake to let others know his success is drug related. It is human nature 101.

There is steroid use, no doubt.

There is also no doubt that today this committee has defamed hundreds of innocent players who never used, abused or witnessed the use of steroids by others. Those innocent players have mothers, fathers, siblings, wives, children, relatives, friends and fans.

Do those congressional publicity hogs have no shame?