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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Homosexual Challenge

Tonight I am watching The Scarlet Letter while working on some projects - the "witch hunters" are so like the religious fundies it is like looking at today (without the SUVs...). I think I saw ancestors of DeLay and Frist in the witch trials...

Our challenge? To rise above today's headlines:

Alabama May Ban Gay Adoption

Singapore Nixes AIDS Concert Over US Gay Singers

Gay Cruise Stopped By St. Kitts

NY Court Rejects Workers' Comp Claim By Same-sex Partner

Kansas Conservatives Build War Chest To Fight For Gay Marriage Amendment

Indiana House Approves Anti-Gay Amendment

And remember that life is a pendulum - it swings one way and the other - right now it is swinging in the way of hatred, intolerance and ignorance. It will naturally swing the other way again.

We just have to ride it out.

In the meantime - there is some indication of what is to come - we must continue to work toward more of these headlines:

Maryland Gay Partner & Hate Crimes Bills Move Forward

Support Gaining For Washington Gay Rights Bill

Ms. Julien