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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Missed Opportunities

I have no doubt that sympathy, empathy and identification for Terri's quandary would be "demonstrable" across the spectrum for Terri Schiavo by all Americans if her plight had been highlighted by Congress and the President, not as a "special case," but rather in conjunction with all cases in America where thousands of lives are at risk and great suffering due to no, bad or negligent medical diagnosis, treatment and care.

Yet, there is a complete absence of such dialogue coming from those who allegedly care about Terri. That dialogue is ignored.

Think about this: the malpractice damages recovered by Michael and Terri is what has been paying for Terri's medical care. If this Congress, President, Governor Jeb Bush and the Florida State legislature finally get their way on their fraudulent tort reform, who will pay for such care?

Cynical and corrupt political advantage is what is at stake here. It is clear from their limiting this case to Terri. It is in their speeches, documents, law, and talking points. It is the worst of the worst cynical power abuse.

The Republicans have propagated it, moved it, media-ed it, gave speeches about it, passed the law, signed the law, and they have soley created this historically monumental travesty. Those who seek to lay this one on others are full of it. There is no equivalence to be found with any misconduct engaged in by Clinton. This is much more grave and tragic than Clinton and Monica. At least Monica consented to it. Terri has been forced into to it.