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Friday, March 18, 2005

This is a Week of Mourning

A beautiful soul, a true ally and visionary, Wanda Alston, was stabbed to death in her home on Wednesday.

Then last night, I heard about the Catholic Diocese of San Diego refusing to allow a funeral for a prominent gay businessman who died while on a ski trip.

I cannot beat the coverage on AmericaBlog...please visit the following posts (listed in chronological order) on that site.

Hateful bigoted Catholic leaders refuse funeral to gay man because he ran two gay bars


San Diego reacts to Catholic Church banning funeral of gay man

San Diego Bishop who refused funeral for gay man settled high-priced sex suit

San Diego Catholic diocese smears dead gay man

Catholic Church gave convicted priest-pedophile full funeral after raping 150 kids

My sister converted to Catholicism about four years ago, and I watch her world get smaller and smaller every day, and I am trying now to mentally prepare for her vote for Indiana's pending marriage amendment.

So, when I think of the earlier argument of why the LGBT community "needs" a flag or other unity types of symbols...

I guess when we no longer live in a world where a man is banned from being sent to rest by his own church, but a Catholic priest convicted of raping some 150 boys was given a full funeral in his own church, well, maybe we won't need them then.