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Saturday, March 26, 2005

What is Life???

I am having a little trouble this morning, folks. I simply cannot understand why it is "olay" to obliterate the "sanctity" of marriage and deny a husband the right to speak for his long-brain-dead wife, in the process completely obliterating the governmental processes that true "patriots" (not the neocons) hold so dear...

In fact, today we learn in the Miami Herald that there was nearly a showdown between a team of state agents and local police over the Schiavo fiasco - historically, in "showdowns" there is a pretty good potential for loss of life...

Police 'showdown' averted

Hours after a judge ordered that Terri Schiavo was not to be removed from her hospice, a team of state agents were en route to seize her and have her feeding tube reinserted -- but they stopped short when local police told them they would enforce the judge's order, The Herald has learned.

Agents of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement told police in Pinellas Park, the small town where Schiavo lies at Hospice Woodside, on Thursday that they were on the way to take her to a hospital to resume her feeding.

For a brief period, local police, who have officers at the hospice to keep protesters out, prepared for what sources called ``a showdown.''

The thing is, folks, while this circus is going on, with all of its "extended" coverage, I wonder how many people fighting for LIFE will even read - much less care - about this:

Pentagon Will Not Try 17 G.I.'s Implicated in

Prisoners' Deaths


Published: March 26, 2005

WASHINGTON, March 25 - Despite recommendations by Army investigators, commanders have decided not to prosecute 17 American soldiers implicated in the deaths of three prisoners in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 and 2004, according to a new accounting released Friday by the Army.

So, my question is, what is life? Which LIFE is worth fighting for?? A woman who has been brain-dead for 15 years, now the pawn of a nasty political game (which indeed is exploiting not only Terri, but her parents and her husband and family) - or the fact that the second headline above - which people outside our country (like in the Middle East and Europe) certainly DO read - will most certainly increase the contempt that is held for "Americans" world wide, and will mean that we are even less safe when traveling abroad...

Ms. Julien