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Saturday, March 19, 2005

While GWB Struts His Stuff...

... grinning into the cameras with that "ass-inine" little wave of his... so nobly cutting short his trip to Texas to completely mess with what I had thought the Fundies held so sacred - the bond between a married MAN and WOMAN...

Yep - our Dear Leader and all our Republican Friends have said that in this case it A-OK to completely obliterate the sanctity of marriage, disregarding the husband's wishes - and for that matter, those of Terri herself.

And as far as Harry Reid being a yep-yep man with above-mentioned lovelies, I can't say it any better than Linnet - in her post on Big Brass Blog. I have cribbed it here -

The dangers of a "pro-life" Dem leader

Harry Reid supports Congressional intervention in the Terri Schiavo case.

By doing this, Reid is trampling over all of the following:

1) Separation of powers as delineated in the Constitution;

2) Medical science;

3) Terri Schiavo's rights, wishes and autonomy;

4) Michael Schiavo's right and responsibility to act as Terri's designated guardian;

5) The marriage relationship between Terri and Michael Schiavo;

6) The principle that the government should stay the hell out of personal decisions.

Remind me why the fuck this guy has control of the caucus again?
...I have no idea WHY the fuck he is, Linnet...but then again I don't have an idea of WHAT the fuck Democrats are all about these days.