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Thursday, March 24, 2005

You Got to Have Faith

If you ever wonder how it is that educated, intelligent, and well read people can believe that a person with no functioning cerebral cortex can feel pain, emotion, taste, sight, smell, hearing, talking, and experience consciousness and memory, just think of the word 'faith.'

With faith as one's foundation of thought, such things as science and medicine are irrelevant.

It is at the center of 'Bush Politic:' Merely saying it enough times makes it so. Saying it makes it so. Saying it makes it so. Saying it enough times makes it so.

It's how OJ Simpson was acquitted. Say it enough times to those in your choir, and they will believe it is so.

Many are the same people who believed in November 2004 that the Iraq war was going well when our kids were getting killed while inadequately protected, who still think we found WMDs in Iraq, and believe that Saddam was behind 9/11. Faith is a powerful.

It is often the antidote to established science, medicine, logic, rational thought, and even the law of physics. With that as a naysayer's basis for thought . . . well, nothing will change.