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Monday, April 04, 2005

CNN Poll Today

I am in the middle of a very busy day, but did have time to see enough to turn my appetite to naught...

It is not posted now, but the "CNN Quick Vote" this morning was "Should Pope JPII Be Made A Saint?" Of course I quickly clicked my 'no' and was directed to the results page.

The winner? "YES".

Yes - the world figure most intolerant toward women's rights should be a SAINT

Yes - the world figure who could have stopped the rampant raping of young boys by those who report to him, rather than continuing to use constituents' money to settle lawsuit after lawsuit should be a SAINT

Yes - the world figure who visited Rio in Brazil, was told about the wild street children so numerous that they were shot down like dogs by the authorities, and when asked what they should do about it, said to "make more children" for the Catholic church, should be a SAINT

UPDATE: The reference for the third "yes" above is fromthe TALK TO NATIONAL BISHOPS' CONFERENCE OF BRAZIL Pope John Paul II (1995) ... Remember also the movie City of God released in 2003...

Yes - the world is truly heading toward the Dark Ages.

I think we need to prepare for a bumpy ride - just remember that we will come out on the other side as soon as this civilization shift is complete!

Ms. Julien