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Sunday, April 24, 2005

If You Think the U.S. Healthcare System is the Envy of the World

Julien's List has a resident dissident, who stated in a comment recently..."The US health care system in the envy of the world. People come from every country when they wish for the best care. I know that we do not have socialized medicine or rationing as you might like."

First of all, this very loyal reader assumes that (like most of his/her ilk) that "if you are not just so HAPPY about our healthcare system" you must want socialized medine. Wow. I cannot imagine a world like this reader, who lives in a world of such absolutes -such black and white...

One of my largest clients is in the re-insurance industry. Through doing marketing for them, I have learned that the only people who come to the US for healthcare are those who can pay "in full" at the cashiers desk at the hospital. The healthcare in the US is GREAT - if you can pay for it. If you are from another country, you literally have to pass by the hospital's "cashier" window before they will do so much as check your heartbeat. If you have money you get treated...if you don't have money, well...

Remember that difference. Once again, as Holly has said so MANY times to you...please go educate yourself.

Dear loyal reader, you are boring in your ignorance. Boring. I am at the end of my efforts of trying to educate you in the facts (not opinion). My awareness is better served elsewhere. This last statement about people coming from "all over" to get our healthcare is the cream of the crop of ignorant statements...if "everyone" could access our care, why are so many "heterosexuals" (i.e. women and children) dying in Africa of AIDS and starvation, with NO help at all -and certainly no access to "US" healthcare.

You are ignorant, but not stupid, so once again, as Holly has stated her entreaty - go EDUCATE YOURSELF...for your good, not ours. We already know how it is...