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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Let's Answer John's Question...

Great post from Julien's List guest contributor "'Bean" in response to the many, many excellent posts on AmericaBlog about the Microsoft betrayal (there are too many to post here - just follow the AmericaBlog link above and you can see them all).

John - to respond to your question . . . .

I think Ohio is their final goal.

Ohio seems to be their giant "test market" for their agenda: remember the discussions here regarding how Ohio is changing starting here over a year ago?

What does my theory mean? What if the nation is to become Ohio?

It means:

(1) No Darwin in the public schools - their Great Maker (even as they themselves made that maker bereft of its Catholic and Jewish roots; they embrace a tradition of their own making) made the world.

Science "proves" it, or so they argue. So Ohio took science out of science class. Who needs science when Jeeeezzuzz tells ya?

(2) No gays welcome - their 2002 changes to the Ohio Revised Code and the 2004 changes to The Ohio Constitution (the most Draconian in the USA) prove this attitude.

(3) No Non-Christians welcome. In Ohio, the city, county, and state offices show overt expressions of Christianity; especially when Christmas and Easter come to pass. Nobody else gets to express their religious sentiments - just the Friends of Ken Blackwell and the Ohio Restoration Project. Jews, Buddhists, etc. need not apply: they have no rights.

(4) Massive tax breaks for business in the name of "job growth." Given Ohio has lost the most jobs under Bush, that means, in reality, massive tax breaks for business in the name of moving that business to China or India.

(4 1/2) Massive "relaxation" in environmental rules - more breaks for business in the name of "job growth." Given Ohio has STILL lost the most jobs under Bush, that means, in reality, massive tax breaks for business in the name of moving that business to Mexico - so the business owners can argue the regulations in Ohio are still not sufficiently "relaxed."

(5) Higher unemployment. See 4 and 4 1/2.

(6) Higher gas prices.

(7) "Job retraining" to work at McDonalds.

(8) Faith-based anything and everything. Faith-based urination will shortly be mandated in bars (just kidding - I hope).

Which leads me to the following conclusion: WE ARE SCREWED

As the economy and social fabric (that "social fabric" was, after all, once provided by the government) decline, we will become the source of the blame.

We want science in place of faith because we are immoral secularists - as dictated by our homosexual practices.

We are greedy, single yuppies wanting high returns on our investments (all gays are well-to-do: ever watch 'Will and Grace?'): it is our fault companies are divesting of better paying jobs here to feed our hungry, bottomless portfolios.

We are ridden with AIDS, syphilis, and other illnesses brought about by our practices. Even Andrew Sullivan (bare-backing studfucker he is) will take blame because it's our drain on Medicare/Medicaid that is putting our "system in crisis."

Sure - this is hyperbole: but my point is I am reflecting John's comment back.

We *WILL* be blamed for everything. We will be blamed for we already *ARE* being blamed for everything.

I've been pushing the idea (very, *VERY* hard) that those of us on the progressive side of things need to move to Blue States *PRONTO*. If needed, we need to get help from our friends already in blue states to get the "Red Refugees" among us to blue havens, too.

Why have I been arguing that the "Red Refugees" need to relocate Blue?

Because the Microsoft event proves what I have suspected all along.

What I have suspected is: (1) the red-states are utterly past redemption at this point.

(2) the Blue States are under heavy assault and need *ALL* the help they can get.

What more evidence do you want now that our own long-time supporter has turned-tail???

In the short term, I have an even greater concern for those in Red States.

That concern is overt violence against gay-lesbian folk from far-right Christian radicals; the types who used to burn crosses and hang blacks.

Given such people are only one step away from power in many Red States, I expect to see murder, in the "Name of Jeeeezuz and Christianity" go unpunished because the murderer's friends sit in government and the courts.


Possibly as early as this summer; summer seems to be the time for that kind of behavior (think "race riots" of the 1960s - but this time, we're the targets).

Just my two cents worth . . . .