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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The Moderate Voice Poses Some Questions...

...regarding the Bush Press Conference personal opinion is that the answer to his questions will be, unfortunately, NO...

The bolds are from Holly, who sent this via email...

So three key questions now linger regarding this press conference:

1. Will the press ask the President tough questions? Reporters are supposed to set the question agenda and ask tough ones. Those are often questions the subject (a Democrat or Republican) may not want to get.

2. Will reporters INSIST on doing follow up questions? Even if the President picks someone to avoid a follow up, the next person should then ask a follow up to make sure that question has been fully answered. Follow up questions are a vital part of the interviewing process. It doesn't matter if someone is a liberal or conservative - they should get solid questions and, if necessary, follow up questions for more details.

3. Will Jeff Gannon be there? Or will he be busy (or booked)?