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Monday, May 23, 2005

Russia’s Attitude Toward the U.S.: Ally or Adversary?

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice arrives at Ekho Moskvy radio station in April. (Photo: Alexander Nemenov / AFP-Getty Images)

Methinks that Condi is NOT so high on the gene pool for "smarts" as they would have you think....

After visiting Moscow for the first time as Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice
told reporters she was bothered by the low regard many Russians have for the
United States. Most likely, Rice experienced this shock when being interviewed
by the Ekho Moskvy radio station. The host of this Moscow-based radio station
program asked listeners to call in and share their perceptions of the United
States. Out of 6,000 respondents, as reported by the radio station’s polling
center, 46 percent said they considered the United States to be Russia’s
adversary, while 54 percent said the United States was Russia’s ally.

This is the way the United States is perceived in Russia — Russian society is split on
its attitude toward the United States, and extremely negative viewpoints live
alongside very positive perceptions. Obviously, the United States is a hot topic
for debating among Russian people, and most Russians have something to say about
the United States and Americans.

The rest of the article is HERE.