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Saturday, June 25, 2005

En Route to Baltimore...

Hello Julien's List readers! Alix and I are on our way to Baltimore, where she begins a year-long vascular surgery fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Only one fellow in her discipline is chosen each year...I am so proud of her (even though we will be living out of two households for the next year). The little rescue puppy is accompanying us on our road trip, of course... :)

I will be posting throughout the week I am gone, but while I am "en route", I would be very interested in your thoughts about the recent attack on Democrats/liberals. I guess the main thing I wonder is: Karl Rove is a true "bully" who does know how to go right to the jugular of his enemie(s) we have the chutzpah (we meaning all liberals/Democrats - those in leadership positions and those in the "grass roots" ranks) to do the same to him and his Republican machine?

Because that is what we HAVE to do, folks...our existence depends on it.

Ms. Julien