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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Letter - and a Call-to-Action from NYC Liberalism

Julien's List reader (and a blogger himself) Kevin sent me the following letter:

I think that you have been following the controversy over the gay Tennessee kid being forced to go to a "re-education" camp for gays. (note from Ms. Julien: yes we have). It has disgusted me, and I've finally decided to take action. I'm working with a Texas-based GSA and GLSEN to formulate a letter to be endorsed by GSAs around the nation. I have posted a letter that people can send to voice their outrage at groups such as Love in Action, that treat homosexuals as if they would be better off dead than being gay. I hope you can help me by telling people about this letter, and getting them to mail it to as many people as they can (such as local media outlets, I have a list of different places they can send it to on my blog). Thanks for your time.

Please visit Kevin's Blog and...

Read, think, ACT!!!

Ms. Julien