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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tuesday Update on the DSM

As always, thanks to Shakespeare's Sister:

DSM Stats care of PSoTD:

FAIR Addresses Post’s Response to Dan Milbank’s Referring to Those Pushing the DSM Story as “Wingnuts”

The Daily Howler (starts midway down the page)

RJ Eskow’s open letter to the BBA:

The Boston Globe: Deception's damning documents

Empire Burlesque: The Known Knowns of the Bush/Blair War Crime

Crooks and Liars: Video of DSM on Hardball

Molly Ivins: Dismissing Downing Street

Media Matters: Limbaugh baselessly suggested DSM “may be a fake”

The Simon: Why the US Press Won’t Visit Downing Street

News Hounds: Alan Colmes Show on DSM

Minneapolis Star Tribune: E.J. Dionne with a different perspective

Also in the Fort Wayne, IN Journal Gazette

San Francisco Chronicle: Also E.J. Dionne—War needs no protection from critics

Also, if you haven’t heard what Bush said in his weekend radio address, check this out:

Personally, I think we ought to be reporting that all over the place. This guy has gone cuckoo. How he’s getting away with STILL SAYING that shit is beyond me.