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Sunday, July 31, 2005

2 Kroger Stories

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I have just done my grocery shopping at the nearest Kroger's and have a couple of comments. I pulled my full cart (I've been ill and staying in as much as possible) into a checkout lane behind a 30-ish white man who said and gestured that there was plenty of space for me to put my groceries on the belt. I noticed that his left arm had been amputated below the elbow, and also saw his entire purchase: one pack of cigarettes and a 6-pack of beer. Depressing. Somehow, a $3.50 Soap Opera Digest had fallen into my purchase - not sure what I'll do with that!

On Friday morning I sat and waited at the Kroger Pharmacy while they filled some prescriptions that my doctor had just given me. While sitting, I looked around and noticed that, near to the door of the pharmacy, there was a huge locked glass cabinet containing condoms, lubricants, pregnancy tests, smoking-cessation products and a few other oddities. I assumed that the pharmacy had the key and people needed to ask a pharmacist for these items. Friday evening, when I came back to pick up a prescription which had been omitted from my order, I asked the male pharmacist about the locked cabinet. The store office has the primary key and dispenses these products on request the entire time the store is open. The stuff is apparently locked up due to shoplifting problems rather than some bizarre store policy on moral values. I hope so. Still, it must be intimidating for many people to have to ask for condoms etc...