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Friday, July 15, 2005

Covering the Intersection Between Politics and Religion

A new issue of Religion in the News has been posted online.

Contents include:

Getting Right with the Pope
A new, more conservative, American Catholic commentariat rises to the top.
by James T. Fisher

From the Editor: What's in a Name?
by Mark Silk

Why Moral Values Did Count
Region and religious commitment did, indeed, shape the 2004 election.
by John C. Green and Mark Silk

What Athens Has To Do With Jerusalem
Messy scandals besmirch the Greek Orthodox Church in Greece and the Holy Land.
by Andrew Walsh

Evangelicals Adopt the Culture of Life

President Bush and other evangelicals are appropriating Catholic ideas and formulas
to frame their pro-life policies.
by David W. Machacek

Sin and Redemption in Atlanta
The media gets it and Ashley Smith is elevated as a �wounded healer.�
by Rebecca Fowler

The Faith-Based Initiative Re-Ups
The Bush administration attempts to resuscitate its faith-based initiatives.
by Dennis T. Hoover

Same-Sex Toons
The Religious Right and the media struggle spar over SpongeBob Square Pants and Buster Baxter.
by Christine McCarthy McMorris