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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Disgusting Pandering by the US House of Representatives

This could, however, turn into a “teaching moment” on comparative religion: Not all religious people agree on what the 10 Commandments are, and many would prefer that that religious concepts be taught at home and in places of worship rather than public schools. Not everybody is same – the sooner this is learned, the better.

Ky. lawmakers back bill on Ten Commandments
By James R. Carroll, The (Louisville KY) Courier-Journal

WASHINGTON - Upset by the Supreme Court's Ten Commandments ruling, four Kentucky Republican congressmen [including Northern Kentucky's Geoff Davis] have co-sponsored a constitutional amendment to allow religious symbols on public property, including schools.

Davis' spokeswoman, Jessica Towhey, said Davis thinks that allowing displays like the Ten Commandments in public places "does not amount to state-endorsed religion."
"The First Amendment also allows you to have a diversity of faiths," she said. "We want to protect that and celebrate it."