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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Random thought...

Gravatar When we end up with absolutely no checks and balances in our government system all of the sudden Bubba in the midwest/red south is gonna wake up and find that he has no rights.

"Wullll godDAM...ah thought they wuz just goin' after the come an cain't drank burr no more, and whar's ma PORN??? Why in the HELL cain't ah geet a DEEvorce from that b*tch ah mahrrd when ah wuz 19 so ah could have sex, but now ah'm sick uv the sight of her...them SOO-preme court judges done took mah right to DEEvorce away...and godDAM them wimmen on the TEEvee has got all thar body parts cover'd up from thar necks to thar ankles. What the HELL?? Ah mean, when ah voted for them REEpublikans, ah thought they wuz just goin' after them queers..."