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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

What an Ignorant and Short-Sighted, Mean Person in our Highest Office...

Bush, the Obstacle to a Deal on Global Warming
by Michael McCarthy

Can America prevent the rich countries agreeing what to do about climate change? That's the other vital question at Gleneagles alongside Africa and its poverty and, last night, the omens did not look good.

President George Bush made anything but reassuring noises in a pre-summit television interview with Trevor McDonald, rejecting outright any suggestion that the US might join the Kyoto protocol on global warming, or consider any binding agreements to cut US emissions of greenhouse gases.

But Mr Bush's blunt stance - "I go to the G8 with an agenda that I think is best for our country" - was clearly aimed at opinion back home, and may not prevent Tony Blair putting climate change on top of the G8 agenda.

Rest of the story HERE...I simply cannot comment on such ignorance and arrogance.

Oh, that's right, GWB and his sheeple are just a-waitin' for the rapture - ain't no need to care about what we are doing to the earth.