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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Wild West Florida Claims a Victim

I would like to thank once again our esteemed governor, good old Jebbie, for signing with flourish the law that allows any dumba*s to shoot someone he thinks looked at him the wrong way.

(Signed in the company of the NRA lobbyists who have provided kickbacks to the corrupt Florida banana republic for a looonnnnnnngggg time).

Police: Man Shoots, Kills Driver Who Blocked Car


MIAMI - Police say the resident of a Miami apartment complex killed a man who blocked his car into a parking space. At about 10 p.m. Monday, police say Tulio Jesus Arias realized a car had blocked his black Nissan into a parking space at his apartment building, in the 2400 block of Northwest 16th Street.

The sick story:

After spending the next two hours searching for the person who had parked behind him, Arias gave up and called a tow truck.

However, the driver of the other car then showed up.

Witnesses said the driver began to shout obscenities and threats at Arias, and they got into a big argument. Then, Arias, a security guard, pulled out a gun and started shooting.

"The man came downstairs saying that that was his car, ripping his shirt open, cursing, really violent. He opened his shirt and said, 'Go ahead. Go ahead. Shoot me right here.' And he was reaching, so we don't know if he was reaching for a gun or what," Maria Hurcades, a witness, said.

Witnesses at the apartment building said that as his 12-year-old daughter watched from his car, Arias, whom people call a nice guy, just snapped and started shooting.

"Two families are suffering right now for something that just got out of control, for just being verbally abusive. It makes no sense that it happened. One person's dead and the other one's in jail over blocking a car," Hurcades said.

Police said the slain man's wife saw her husband shot down.

And the best part:

Police say Arias fired his gun eight times, and that the other man [the one shot dead] was not armed.

And gee, this is a surprise:

Police said they aren't sure if a new Florida law that allows someone to shoot an intruder if threatened sufficiently applies in this case...

Well, thanks to the guvnah Bush and his cronies, we'll never find out if the guy was shot "within the law" or not, will we?

Nope...the guy is already dead - it's TOO LATE!!!