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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Wow, yet ANOTHER enlightened Hoosier...

From today's Indianapolis Star, yet another person who "gets" that Rove is a criminal:
July 26, 2005

Rove case isn't driven by Democrats, media

Brian Tomcik, in his July 23 letter to the editor, charges that Democrats and the media are responsible for the accusations against Karl Rove.

He seems to have forgotten that the accusations result from a two-year investigation by a U.S. attorney, at the request of the CIA, for the disclosure "of the identity of an employee operating under cover."

No, it's not clear yet if a law has been broken. But it is clear that President Bush, who said that leaking classified information was "unacceptable behavior," made no attempt to find out who on his staff was responsible. It's also clear that the administration lied about Rove's involvement and that he did discuss Valerie Plame's identity with reporters in an attempt to discredit her husband's report refuting the claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa.

Norma Abbey


Previous letters showing a glimmer of insight in a very red state (sorry, Shakes' Sis!) ;)