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Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Folks, I am in Colorado on business but I didn't want to leave the heinous way Cindy Sheehan is being treated off the site. I am glad to post here a letter from Shakespeare's Sister, and a post from AmericaBlog - please read, think, ACT!

Ms. Julien

Hi, everyone. As I'm sure you've heard, Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen
soldier fighting in Iraq, is camping out in Crawford, Texas, seeking an audience
with the president. You may also remember Cindy's powerful testimony at
the Downing Street Memos hearing called by Congressman Conyers. (
I've been asked by several members of the alliance to request a blogswarm to
bring attention to Cindy's attempts to meet with the president while he
vacations in Crawford, and I believe that Cindy's goal of calling attention to
holding the president accountable is exactly in line with our intent, so I'm
asking that anyone who has the time please write about Cindy's efforts. As
of now, there have been threats that she and the other protestors may be
deemed a threat to national security and arrested Thursday if they haven't

Some information you might find helpful:

Times article:

call for a hunger strike in support of Cindy:
has lots of good information here:

Sister contributor D. has written a post on the issue here:

got a post here:

sure others have written on this already, too. If you've covered the
story, or if/when you do, please email me a link, and I'll do a blogswarm

Update on Cindy Sheehan stories today
by John (temporarily) in Paris - 8/09/2005 06:59:00 AM

Please post any links to stories you find in the comments.
Globe commentary
.Detroit Free
Press commentary

That freak
Saunders weighs in
- she interviewed me once during the Dr. Laura
controversy, what a seriously rude woman:

"Which is what makes Cindy Sheehan's encampment in Texas so bizarre: No one can be unmoved by Sheehan's horrific loss. That said, Bush didn't kill her son. Casey Sheehan died at age 24 at the hands of men who routinely slaughter innocent children and civilians on principle.If Bush did what Cindy Sheehan wants him to do, not only would some 1,800 soldiers have died in Iraq for no reason -- worse, their deaths will have served the unhappy function of signaling to terrorists that if they kill enough U.S. troops, the White House will cut and run.As the major noted, if Americans pushed for a pullout in the wake of bad news reports, "That would be a shame. I would hope most of my colleagues and friends in the Bay Area, even some who may have opposed the war initially," realize the benefit in completing the mission and "are now saying we should see this through."

Right, Debra. CINDY SHEEHAN is to blame for our soldiers' deaths having no meaning. Uh huh. It's not President Bush, or people like Debra Saunders, who support wars based on a lie, who want us to keep fighting even though we've already lost. Oh no. The fault is with those Americans who have figured out that they've been tricked. Bad bad bad Americans. Better to keep fighting and let more of our soldiers die (hey Debra, how's that body armor coming?) for a cause that's a lie and unwinnable. Now THAT'S loving our troops.Loving them to death.PS Hey Deb, when you volunteering?