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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Don't assume that "everyone" knows about the DSM...

Anyway - I got this great letter from my dear friend and fellow reality-based community member Judy, who is doing what the MSM is not - keeping people informed:

Dear Julien,

This past weekend (on Sunday afternoon) I went to the movies w/a friend...we went to Sunrise 11 movie theater which is located on Pine Island Road (south of Commercial Blvd.)...and the movie we saw was "March of the Penguins" (which, BTW, was excellent).

Anyway, I wore my "Ask me about the Downing Street Memo t-shirt" and a unknown gentleman walked up to me and said, OK, I'll bite...what is the Downing Street Memo? Well...this t-shirt is the best because it has a paragraph (straight and to the point) printed on the back that explains fully what the DSM is all about...this gentleman read every word and then he said, "Umm, I have not heard about that"...

I politely (along with my friend) explained that it is very important at this time to be involved in the political arena because we are losing our democracy and civil liberties on a daily basis...I advised him to "delete" FOX from his viewing choices on TV and to watch C-Span (preferably) for national news.

He said he would do that and thanked me for wearing the t-shirt and enlightening him on this issue.

Now, we know that other people probably read the t-shirt without ever approaching me personally.

Just wanted you to know the power of a t-shirt.

Love, Judes