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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Please call Johnson & Johnson!!

I want to post this request from AmericaBlog:

Thank Johnson & Johnson for not caving to anti-gay hate groups
by John (temporarily) in Paris - 8/03/2005 02:29:00 PM

The anti-gay hate groups are trying to force Johnson & Johnson to stop advertising on LOGO, the new gay cable channel.

The hate groups have the right to their point of view, and so does the Klan and David Duke. That doesn't mean we treat their bigotry with any more seriousness than we would any other hatemonger.

Please contact Johnson & Johnson and thank them for advertising on LOGO and for not caving to the bigotry being espoused by these hate groups.

Time to take back America, folks. These groups can go live with Osama if they want a country run by theocratic bigots.

The link in the above post is to Daily Kos, and a diarist called San Jose Lady does what I do...she is on the email list for the AFA (my pseudonym is "Jane Snarp" - doesn't that sound like a pursed-mouth church lady??).

I called just now (see the above link for numbers) only took a minute, and while last week there were a ton of bigot calls, our group is winning this week.

**It seems to be particularly moving to them to receive calls from "non-gay" gay supporting Americans who buy their products...just an fyi.

Read, think, ACT!

Ms. Julien