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Monday, August 22, 2005

A Saturday Drive to Crawford TX

I received this email (shared by permission) on Sunday from a friend now living in Texas:

"Yesterday X and I drove up to Crawford with a couple of my colleagues from work to spend the day at the war protest started by Cindy Sheehan just outside Bush's summer vacation getaway. (Bush, at the time, was mountain biking around his property with Lance Armstrong, who's from Austin and a big hero here in Texas.) We were curious to see how things were going up there with Cindy now away with her ailing mother. The people there were in the process of moving the original camp to a friendlier location, and a huge tent had been erected, with a stage on one end and a full kitchen on the other. Quite a few people had pitched smaller tents and were camping there. I met people from South Carolina, Albuquerque, and Los Angeles. Some were mothers or relatives of soldiers. There was a little, not much, speechifying; it was mostly the kind of situation where people sit around talking to each other and helping out wherever needed around the camp. My colleagues helped prepare food, and I helped a little with some unloading. It was a good vibe. A rumor was going around that Joan Baez was going to perform there tonight. What a trip that would be if true! I hope the war resistance gathers momentum from this protest. Earlier in the week, we took part in one of several candlelight vigils around the city protesting the war. So many of us are just so sick of being lied to by this administration."