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Sunday, August 21, 2005

So, after all the lives lost in Iraq, the US just threw women's rights down the toilet

UPDATE: Pam has a great addition to this on Big Brass Blog!

After talking for years about the evil of Saddam Hussein (and yes he was evil), and saying that the very REASON we were going to war, and then staying at war (even when the WMD lie was exposed) was to give the Iraqis a "Democracy" --- something that BushCo has resoundingly insisted the people of Iraq wanted (um, Georgie, where were those flowers you said they would greet us with again?? Oh---you're probably too busy riding around on Tour de Crawford to remember that promise).

So, today, in order to rush through the constitution of Iraq, so that back here they can tell the sheeple sitting so very far away from Iraq (most of whom do not even possess a US passport) that "IRAQ HAS A CONSTITUTION" - the US has just agreed to allow the clause in the constitution of Iraq that "Islam will be THE main source of law" in the country.

Of course, they won't mention this to the sheeple, most of whom get their news through their church's filtered reading material. They won't mention that Islamic law will not only NOT be democratic at all, it will strip all of the rights of women- rights that at least they did have prior to being "freed" by Georgie's gang. Women will:

1. Not be allowed an education (even writing or reading in most cases)
2. Not be allowed to drive
3. Not be allowed to be seen anywhere outside their homes without the shroud of a burka
4. If a woman is raped, she will be the criminal, not the man who raped her
5. Under Islamic law, if a women is even accused of adultery, she is killed - usually by a father or brother or uncle, and this is okay - women are not allowed into a court to defend themselves

All of these rules are very familiar in Saudi Arabia - the country where the majority of the 9/11 terrorists came from (that is in the news, but the sheeple still refuse to believe that they didn't come from Iraq)...the county whose leaders get to hold hands with Georgie and visit the ranch and get flown out to safety after 9/11 before anyone else was allowed to fly. (Yes, Georgie will hold hands with the leaders of the country that produced most of the 9/11 terrorists, but he won't hug Cindy Sheehan...)

I am angry. I am a person betrayed by my country. And the people who sit day after day, complacent in their little lives (never having traveled or want to outside the US), who will see the filtered news saying that "Iraq has a constitution" and will say, see, what a wonderful thing Georgie did...these are the people for whom I hold the greatest contempt.

Ms. Julien

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