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Sunday, August 21, 2005

When Money Talks, Everybody Listens

Bush commenced the Iraq war for a number of reason and motives unrelated to the reasons given, i.e., WMD, etc.

Among the reasons: To establish himself as a war president designed to keep him in power for two terms.

Once in power, the war was meant to afford Bush a ticket to do just about anything he had in mind when he ran in 2000.

What he had in mind to do, and what only a war president can get away with when the three branches of government are under his control, is to wrest control from all the 'people,' and place that control under the influence of the wealthiest corporations and individuals and their lobbyists.

Why do that? Because these multibillion dollar interests understand that when they receive billions in tax cuts and rebates and refunds, and have most regulations upon them gutted, that they never want to see these gifts end, and they have and will continue to spend freely on their little politicians.

And so, Republicans, who now receive huge amounts of money from these interests, understand that the more they give back to those interests in the form of legislation and access, the more they receive in return in the form of campaign contributions, future employment for them, their friends and relatives, and perks beyond imagination. A purely perfect symbiotic corrupt relationship.

The Iraq war, was and is merely a tool - a cover of sorts - for much bigger ideas, goals, and policies.

Iraq was Bush's ticket to unbridled power which he planned to use and has used to buy the wealthiest, and the less fortunate 'others' that follow such "ideas," to assure complete domination of America.

It worked. Whether it is the multibillion dollar media giants - which love the money that has come to them - who now give Bush a pass (it is hilarious to read and watch Bob Woodward fall all over himself to protect Bush and Rove who gave Woodward such unprecedented access to the White House and Bush), or the so-called 'real' conservatives who no longer believe what they once preached about budget deficits, national debt, trade deficits, and the like. All beliefs can be bought with billions and millions. It worked.

Bush made money talk in every language.