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Friday, August 19, 2005

While Georgie is playing on his bike, US kids are waaaaay "left behind" in math:

CLICK HERE FOR THE RESULTS of the Mathematics Assessment in PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment, which compares educational performance of 25-year-olds in reading, math, and science industry.)

An important excerpt:
How Did U.S. 15-Year-Olds Do?

· In 2003, U.S. performance in mathematics literacy and problem solving was lower than the average performance for OECD countries.

· In both mathematics literacy and problem solving, the United States had fewer students at the highest proficiency levels than the other OECD countries.

That result was in stark contrast with the 2000 reading literacy results, in which the United States had a greater percentage of students at the highest proficiency level than other OECD countries.
So, thanks Georgie! - your "No Child Left Behind" (which of course was created to make brother Neil a millionaire with his exclusive testing software contract....) has not only NOT helped students to achieve, it has moved their capabilities from the HIGHEST to the LOWEST in the ENTIRE WORLD.

Ms. Julien