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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Why do Truck Drivers Hate 'Murka?

Because gee, these ungrateful people are complaining of such silly thing like, um...not being able to afford to take care of their families due to rising gas prices (which are getting pretty sticky here in S.Florida - see link below this story).

These truckers had better watch out - Dubya's henchmen will put them on a Homeland Security watch list soon if they don't start being grateful to Dear Leader for the wonderful state of their lives (didn't we just hear from el ranchero that things were better than ever? Maybe for him...)

Hundreds Of Truckers Protest High Gas Prices
POSTED: 11:02 am EDT August 10, 2005
UPDATED: 4:12 pm EDT August 10, 2005

MIAMI -- More than 600 truckers gathered in their big rigs Wednesday to protest the rising gas prices in South Florida, NBC 6's Hank Tester reported.

The trucks, which included tractor-trailers, dump trucks and box trucks, gathered at the intersection of Okeechobee Road and the Florida Turnpike in Miami-Dade County.

Images: Truckers Protest Fuel Prices

Traffic in the area was at a standstill as the trucks started a caravan headed toward Miami City Hall.

The trucks traveled 20 miles to present a petition requesting a fuel surcharge break for independently owned trucks.

The truckers claim that the high cost of gas has made it impossible for them to earn a living. Note from Ms. J: Ungrateful bastards...don't they know that GWB is hard at work for them right now? (NOT)

"The airlines are charging passengers. The steam ship lines are charging the shippers.

Everyone who's got clout is getting a surcharge," said Ron Carver of the Teamsters Union. "But the truck drivers who have to buy their own fuel are going into bankruptcy because they don't have the clout to demand this. So they're here today asking Congress to pass a mandatory fuel surcharge to keep them afloat."

The drivers told NBC 6 that the shipping companies that contract them to haul to the Port of Miami pay around 85 cents per mile. With the high cost of gas, operating per mile could cost 60 cents.

"A lot of people are making money on this business -- the shipping line, the owner of the company, the marine terminal. They make a lot of money but we are poor," driver Luis Rivera said. Here is the point where our lovely GOP friends would say something like: "Get your lazy ass up, pull yourself up by your bootstraps and get a job..." Oh, wait! They already HAVE jobs...

Rivera owns his own rig and contracts with shippers who he says do not adjust per mile fees to cover the increase in gas. For Rivera, what's left is not much of a living for he, his wife and kids.

"She says that this business is really wrong," Rivera said. "We don't have any money, no possibility, no American dreams. We can do nothing." Quit complaining - don't you know that the 'Murkan dream is for the most part meant only for those whose who have never had to worry about paying a single bill in their lives? The 'Murkan dream is meant for non-immigrant Christian-only voters...DUH!

Both Telemundo 51 and NBC 6 put in calls to local shippers who contract with the drivers. None wanted to talk to the media. Rightfully afraid of being put on a Homeland Security watch list for their anti-'Murkan shenanigans.

Commissioner Tomas Regaldo has promised to pass the trucker's petition on to federal lawmakers.

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