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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Wishing Doesn't Make It So

They can argue forever, scream, chastise, belittle, humiliate, embarrass, and otherwise terrorize their opponents (that be us) on any issue, but in the end, those damn facts are just that.

When the argument over Iraq goes on for more than two years, and the uncontradicted evidence comes in daily (and there's much more than we see, but the MSM is still issuing passes to the WH), and the evidence is contrary to everything you, Bush, et al., says, after a while the audience gets it.

The American audience, for a myriad of reasons, now gets it. Except for a small minority of Americans (who are caught up in their own mindless Bush related religious, bigoted, and monied issues), who seem to care little about the dead, and about to be dead Americans fighting for us in Iraq, a majority of Americans get it.

It's a bit late, but they may be excused. One cannot blame Americans for not believing that their President was lying to their faces. It's hard to believe without being an eyewitness. Today, Americans witness the truth and they are not so easily amused anymore by Bush's cute antics. Remember him looking over under a table for WMD's at a huge dinner gala while cracking jokes, while Americans were looking for them in Iraq and dying? Heh, heh. Funny?

There were times over the last two years when you thought that it was inconceivable that Bush's lies would catch up with him and his lock stepped Republican co-conspirators, but that time has come.

It is here. It is now. The court is wide open. Democrats, Independents, Real Republicans, Greens and the rest of America's good people must take control or forever lose this opportunity.

Wishing for it won't make it so.