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Saturday, September 24, 2005

Chari's Rant

Today Chari says,
"There are a number of things that bother me at any given time with regard to current political events. Of course, If I posted on them as they made their presence known, my tagline wouldn’t be, “I blog, therefore I rant”; it would be more like, “Want some cheese with that whine?”

She goes on to name things that bother her about what's going on in this country,

"First, John Roberts. What in the hell is wrong with the Democrats who can’t seem to find one vertebrae amongst themselves ... Hello — women do have the right to vote nowadays. It would be nice to acknowledge that ..."

"Next, deficit. Why is it so difficult for so-called conservatives in this regime to understand what fiscal responsibility is? Or to put it in simpler terms — you cannot cut taxes while you increase spending, fund a war, rebuild hurricane-ravaged areas and expect to decrease the deficit. "

"...Bring the troops home, along with the money we’re spending over there — and use it for domestic issues...

"Now, Intelligent Design. Who the fuck are you trying to kid? The theory of evolution is based in scientific fact — you know, something that can pretty much be proven. ...Science is secular. Which means it can be applied to all situations, regardless of the religious beliefs of any given person... I.D. is not secular, is not scientific and can’t be applied to say, a Buddhist’s outlook on the way things developed over time..."

"This country was founded on Freedom of Religion. That would also include freedom from religion, if one was so inclined. People came to this country to get away from being told how to worship and who to worship. No one is saying that Christians can’t worship the way they want; they just need to understand that others are free to worship [or not worship] the way they want as well. It doesn’t mean anyone is persecuting you. Grow up."

"Don’t get me started on BushCo’s apparent determination to completely destroy our government and any semblance of civil rights or privacy rights."

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