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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Fairness to all, revisited...


Indy Council Could Revisit

Sexual-Orientation Ordinance

Months after it was defeated, an ordinance that would prohibit businesses from considering sexual orientation and gender identity in employment decisions could again be considered by the City-County Council, RTV6's Linda Allen reported Monday.

The ordinance, which also would have prohibited the refusal of housing and real estate opportunities for people based on sexual orientation and gender identity, was turned down in April by an 18-11 vote.

Supporters of the plan, however, intend to have it reconsidered. One of the supporters, Bil Browning, said gays and lesbians experience discrimination every day, and that council leaders therefore need to adopt the ordinance. "They tend to think that this is a special right that they're wanting to give to us. But the right to be able to keep your job and have your job based on how well you perform your job is not a special right," Browning said.

Some opponents of the proposal said current laws were adequate. Councilman Scott Schneider, one of the 18 who voted against the plan in April, said the ordinance would set a dangerous precedent. "Are we going to take every little subset of society that may not be feeling like they're getting a fair shake in something and then allow them whatever the case may be? I just think it's a bad precedent," Schneider said.