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Thursday, September 01, 2005

From Mario...

Do you know, I am even too overwhelmed by the situation to edit, so "HAVE AT IT" Mario, my friend...his passion is evident, and I want it to be raw:

The Census has just released a stunning fact.....for the first time in US history the avg US family income has failed to go up for 5 years in a row...........hmmmmmm 5 years....who took over 5 years ago?

The New Orleans Times Picayune has published 9 stories about concerns over the unfinished levees during the last 18 months.

Bush cut the funding to complete the project ( Iraq, tax breaks to the rich ) ....some contractors even worked for over a year w/o pay in order to complete the project. The project was only 80% done when the funding ran out....the flood waters found the 20% gap. Water has a tendency to find the path of least resistance.

We have spent enough money turning Iraq into an Islamic state to rebuild N.O. 12 times!..or 5 times if we let Halliburton do it.

Where is the Army
Where is the Navy
Where are the helicopters.................

Where is the fucking President. Can we get some leadership around here!!!!!

Why aren't we airlifting our military to New Orleans right now?

1 million new homeless people because of the took Reagan 8 years to achieve this!

Still can't figure out that it has taken two days to get things going...Shouldn't have relief help started Monday? Or sooner....hell, I live in a bubble, no TV....not much contact with anything outside my little world AND I KNEW NEW ORLEANS WAS IN THE PATH OF A MAJOR HURRICANE!!!

The Disaster Chimp looked tired today while reading his emotionally challenged speech.... You would be too if you had to cancel the last 2 days of a 5 week vacation...must be tough. You know, you get home from vacation and you want a day or two to chill out.

What kind of costume will The Monkey wear for his visiting N.O. photo op? I can see him now on the fitting room with Rove...Codpiece or no codpiece? Will Bush go dressed as a Cajun? Or a Mardi Gras theme. I wonder how much Coke Bush snorted in N.O. when he was young.

Bush won't visit N.O until Friday....what can he possibly be doing until then that is more important? Is he busy setting up the White House football pool.....nah... he'd fuck that up too.

..where the hell is he!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!

This is the most horrendous natural disaster that I can recall seeing in the US and it appears to have been preventable. This was not unforeseen. Numerous articles had been written about the risks. A New Orleans Hurricane was ranked as the third most high-risk American disaster, after a NY terrorist attack and a California earthquake. Yet Bush and his Republican Mafia in congress (and the spineless Democrats) cut the funding for hurricane readiness.

911...... Falluja... Record debt...state-sanctioned Islamic State in Iraq...... New Orleans.
That's your legacy, Mr. Bush. ....if I were you, my soul would shrivel at the thought.

This man has no soul. And I don’t mean James Brown, get down kinda soul..I mean decent human-dignity soul.

The sad part is that the Bush Girls will never be in a Girls Gone Wild in New Orleans Video. Kinda sad since it seems to be all they are cut out to be.

Has anyone seen a photo of The Monkey playing golf yesterday? Is the Liberal Media keeping this a secret?

Wouldn’t it be great if Cindy Sheehan was waiting for Bush in N.O.

June 8, 2004 - Walter Maestri, Emergency Management Chief, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana

"Money to repair and finish the levees was removed from the President's budget to go to Iraq and Home Land Security."

George......... do us a favor put down My Pet Goat II and get the fuck to work, you Commander in Shit worthless human being.
Four days have passed and people in Miss. and La. haven't even been given water. If he can't even provide a basic airdrop for water to a city in America he should resign now...Bush is a complete disgrace. For God's sake give Halliburton a no bid contract to do it...they’d charge 50 bucks for a bottle of Evian....but who cares at this point?

I think it's way, way, WAY past time to remove the Giggling Murderer from office. I think that's the first thing Congress should do upon its return. Actually.... I think it should convene to remove him now.

Also.....are you as tired as I am of seeing one Negro strategically placed over Bush’s shoulder in every friggin photo-op the Monkey does?

Sorry for all the vulgarity, but my blood pressure is through the roof. I just can't stand much more of The Monkey and his Gang of Thugs. Just can't take it anymore!!

Sorry, I needed to vent. I feel better. Hope you do too!


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