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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Hurricane Katrina: Why is the Red Cross not in New Orleans?

Yep, we have encouraged people to give all of those millions of dollars in donations...the people dying RIGHT NOW in New Orleans have no access to the Red Cross...the nurses giving each other IVs to keep hydrated (source: CNN - you can look it up)...there are no meds coming right now, at least from the Red Cross.

I guess because the Red Cross is not Pat Robertson's FEMA-approved faith-based organization...

Mario, guest blogger for Julien's List, comments:

The entire Bush administration should be rounded up and thrown in jail for murder.... or at the very least negligent homicide.

Don’t buy the crap the Bush admin is throwing at us about looters and people shooting at airplanes....the FAA and the military have stated that not one pilot has reported being shot at.

The looters are mainly people trying to get food, meds and water to their family. I’d be first in line to loot if my family was in this situation....(I might also hit the Apple Store and grab a new Mac G5.) NOTE FROM JAS: Snark, Mario…

I wonder how bloated white pigs like Rove and Cheney would react in the same scenario. I mean can you imagine Cheney going 5 days w/o caviar!!!! Oh! The horror! Rove and Cheney would be looting the nearest Dean and Deluca...and Condi would be the first to throw a garbage can trough the window of the nearest Prada shoe store.

To the Neocons on this yourself the trouble and don’t send me the Republican talking points about this being the fault of the governor and mayor of NO........... FEMA and the Army Corps are Federal Agencies... La. Officials, Republican and Democrat, have been screaming for years to get the levees completed.

But Bush and the Neocons thought that tax breaks to Barbara Streisand, Bill Clinton , Michael Moore, Bruce Springsteen and Paris Hilton were more important.

China evacuated 700,000 people yesterday from a region that is in the path of a storm.........its official...even China is governed better than us.........why is that? No MSG and no GWB.

Are you waking up yet you see what this small government BS does to a country?
Do you see now that the government isn’t the enemy....that WE are the government.

Isn’t it strange how the aid finally got in NO just as The Monkey arrived....coincidence? I doubt it.

Did you folks notice the 4 helicopters positioned behind the Disaster Monkey during its photo op.....wouldn’t those copters be better used to ....oh I don’t know........SAVE PEOPLE!...and Bush..Howard Dean called...he wants his rolled up sleeves back!


"High gas prices are a sign of a failed presidency."

~Dick Cheney, 1998